Introducing Scouts BSA Summer Experience, a new week-long day program at Resolute Base Camp in Bolton, MA. You’ll be able to choose traditional Scout activities along with advancement programs and merit badges. Scouting skills are taught in a redesigned format for learning using Resolute Base Camp facilities. The program is fully supported by trained staff with strict adherence to COVID-19 Protocols.

Scouts BSA Summer Experience is for boys and girls going into grades 6 - 12. Campers do not need to be a member of the BSA to attend. Campers are able to choose from Scout merit badges or fun area activities. Mix and match-you choose!

A Fresh Take on Summer Camp

We believe every Scout should go to summer camp and options from Mayflower Council help make that possible. Scouts BSA Summer Experience is a fresh take on the traditional resident overnight camp. The Camps run for one full week Monday – Friday, 9:30am to 4:30pm with extended day options available (see below). Summer Experience offers a unique schedule with opportunities to take more merit badges if you want or spend time in other activities. Sign up as a member of a Scouts BSA unit or sign up as an individual scout. Summer Experience is an exciting new option for Scouts with scheduling conflicts or those looking for new and additional Scouting opportunities.

Advancement and Merit Badges

With a flexible schedule, merit badges are offered in blocks of time that allow most to be earned in a single day. There will also be new patrol and individual competitions every day, highlighted by the 2021 Res-O-Lympics. There will be plenty of activities; all of your Summer Camp favorites are here including waterfront, shooting sports and COPE climbing! With a new spin on summer camp, Summer Experience promises to fill your days with fun and make Resolute a lifelong memory.

Mayflower Council Camp Refund Policy
There is a non-refundable administration fee of $50 for each registered program or session. After June 1 refunds are issued for medical reasons only. All refund requests must be made no later than August 20, 2021 using only the online form; after that date no refund requests will be processed.

Camperships are available for families that need assistance. Please visit our Campership Application to apply in confidence. Applications must be received by June 1, 2021 to be considered.

Resolute Base Camp
Scouts BSA Summer Experience

Camp Resolute
75 Hudson Road, Bolton, MA

Open to all Scouts BSA


  • Session 1 – July 12-16

  • Session 2 – July 19-23

  • Session 3 – July 26-30

  • Session 4 – August 2-6

  • Session 5 – August 9-13

  • Session 6 – August 16-20


Early Bird: $ 340, if paid in full by May 15, 2021

Regular Camp Fee: $ 380

Additional Week(s):
Two Week Package = $ 630 (early bird) / $ 670 (Regular)
Three Week Package = $ 920 (early bird) / $ 960 (Regular)
Four Week Package = $ 1,210 (early bird) / $ 1,250 (Regular)
Five Week Package = $ 1,500 (early bird) / $ 1,540 (Regular)
Six Week Season Pass = $ 1,620 (early bird) / $1,660 (Regular)


Extended Day – Morning (8:00am – 9:30am) = $60.00
Extended Day – Evening (4:30pm – 6:00pm) = $60.00

Mayflower Council Camp Information

Our primary concern is the safety and well-being of every camper. Our camps follow all safety and risk management guidelines set by the Boy Scouts of America, the local, state and federal boards of health. Camp Resolute is also accredited by the American Camp Association, a national camp organization that sets high standards for both the health and safety of campers and staff, and the delivery of quality programs.

As required by MA DPH 105 CMR 430:190 (C) and (D),  our camps must comply with regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and be licensed by the local board of health. Parents may request copies of background checks, health care and discipline policies, as well as procedures for filing grievances.

American Camp Association (ACA) accreditation means that the Camp Resolute cares enough to undergo a thorough annual review of its operation—more than 250 standards from staff qualifications and training to emergency management. ACA collaborates with experts from the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Red Cross and other youth service agencies to assure that current practices reflect the most up-to-date, research-based standards in camp operation. A health officer staffs the camps health lodge and a local physician is on call.

Medical Forms

Every adult and Scout in camp MUST have a completely filled out medical form on file in the Health Lodge in order to stay at Camp.
All campers are required to have a physical examination within 12 months prior to arriving at camp. All medical forms must be completed and signed by a physician each year (including immunization update) and brought to camp on your first day. In addition, the immunization record for each camper, youth or adult, must include the following vaccines: Hepatitis B for all children born after December 31, 1992 (3 doses are required); Diphtheria, Tetanus Toxoids and Pertussis (at least 4 doses); MMR (2 doses or proof of laboratory evidence of immunity) and Polio (3 to 4 doses depending on the type). Your physician must sign the camp medical form – no signed attachments will be accepted. Make certain that both the parent’s signature and physician’s signature sections are filled out and a copy of the health insurance card is attached to the form. Medical forms are available here.

All medical forms must be retained by camp and will not be returned, so please make any copies you might need for other activities. Units with Christian Scientist members will need to provide a special medical form, available here, pertaining to their faith’s medical policies.


State regulations cover the storage and dispensing of medications. All medication must come to camp in the original containers and be stored by the health officer in locked compartments in the camp health lodge. Exceptions to storage by the health officer are authorized for medications for treatment of allergies and asthma. Questions about these medications should be raised with the camp prior to the child’s arrival. To ensure a smooth transition, we recommend that your child continue the medications he needs during the school year at summer camp. If prescription medications are brought to camp, the container must have a pharmacy label showing the prescription number, patient’s name, date filled, physician’s name, name of medication and directions for use. This information must also be on the camp medical form. Any camper coming to camp with a prescription Epi-pen or inhaler must bring two of either, one for the health lodge and one for the unit. The health officer dispenses medication according to the directions. If a camper refuses to take prescribed medications, this refusal is documented in the health log and the parent/guardian is notified.

Health Care Consultant

The health care consultant (HCC) is a licensed physician. The HCC assists in the development of the camp’s health care policy; develops and signs written orders for the health care supervisor; and is available for consultation at all times. The health care consultant is not present at camp.

Health Officer

A health supervisor, who is at least 18 years of age and is present at the camp at all times. The health officer shall be a Massachusetts licensed physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, registered nurse, licensed practical nurse the health officer is, by regulation, present at the camp at all times and is, at a minimum, a Massachusetts licensed physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, registered nurse, or licensed practical nurse. The health care consultant authorizes the health officer to be in charge of health matters at camp on a day-to-day basis and to dispense medications.

Health Care Policy

Complete health care policy for our Camps is available to a parent or guardian upon request to Mayflower Council BSA, 83 Cedar Street, Milford, MA  01757.

Care of Mildly Ill Campers

Each camper or staff member is responsible for reporting any signs of illness to the health officer (HO), who assesses each situation. The HO may administer over-the-counter medications he/she believes are warranted if they are authorized by the parent/guardian. If the HO determines the child should be sent home or seen by the health care consultant, he/she informs the reservation director and arrangements are made. In both situations, the parent/guardian is contacted as soon as possible.

Care of Campers who have an Illness/Accident at Camp

Parents/guardians will be notified as soon as possible should a camper be taken to the doctor’s office/hospital for an injury or health condition and if medication has been prescribed by the camp’s health care consultant. The health officer or reservation director will notify parents/guardians of any persistent conditions or ailments. Parents/guardians should notify their doctor and health care provider of any health condition or accident/injury occurring at camp for follow-up visits and billing purposes.

Massachusetts Department of Public Health

At the request of the Department of Public Health we are providing this fact sheet on Meningococcal disease here.  Campers attending a resident camp are not considered to be at an increased risk. The United States Centers for Disease Control, Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the Mayflower Council encourage everyone to be safe outdoors. Diseases associated with ticks and mosquitoes are growing threats in Massachusetts. When outdoors, please take necessary precautions as suggested by the Centers for Disease Control.

CDC Camping Health & Safety
CDC Tick

Our camps must comply with regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and be licensed by the local board of health.


Campers attending our Camps are expected to maintain appropriate behavior at all times. Respect for all members of the camp community and camp facilities is expected at all times. All discipline shall have as its intent the modification of behavior to within acceptable parameters. Discipline shall be limited to counseling, close supervision/monitoring, and restriction from selected activities. At no time will discipline be administered by a staff member under 18 years of age unless the actions in question pose a safety hazard to the offender or another individual. Then action appropriate to remedy the situation may be employed. Discipline shall be constructive or educational in nature, and may include such measures as diversion, separation from problem situations, talking with the camper about the situation, or praise for appropriate behavior.


  • Corporal punishment, including spanking, is prohibited;

  • No camper shall be subjected to cruel or severe punishment, humiliation, or verbal abuse;

  • No camper shall be denied food or shelter as a form of punishment;

  • No child shall be punished for soiling, wetting or not using the toilet.

The reservation director reserves the right to dismiss a camper when, in the director’s judgment, the camper’s behavior interferes with the rights of others, prevents the smooth functioning of a group or activity, or violates the camp’s principles of conduct.

Christian’s Law

In accordance with Massachusetts Law, our Camps screen campers for swim levels on the first day of camp and provides Coast Guard approved lifejackets for non-swimmers if they choose to wear them. You must inform the camp if you require your camper to wear a lifejacket during swimming activities. If parents wish to send along their own lifejackets they need to conform with the law as stated below. Note: Campers are screened in our pond and don’t wear a lifejacket during the screening.

(a) MGL c 111 Section 127A1/2. (a) The department of public health shall adopt rules or regulations requiring municipal and recreational programs and camps for minor children under its jurisdiction to have a system in place to have Coast Guard approved personal flotation devices of Type I, II or III available to non-swimmers and at-risk swimmers who will be present in a swimming or diving area, excluding swimming pools, wading pools and other artificial bodies of water.

(b) A determination shall be made of each minor’s swimming ability at the first swimming session at municipal and recreational programs and camps in order to identify and classify non-swimmers and at-risk swimmers. Minors attending a municipal or recreational program or camp shall then be confined to swimming areas consistent with the limits of their swimming skills or to swimming areas requiring lesser skills than those for which they have been classified.

(c) No municipal or recreational program or camp for minor children shall refuse, decline or otherwise prohibit a parent, guardian or person with custody of a minor from providing a Coast Guard approved personal flotation device of Type I, II or III to such municipal or recreational program or camp to be used by the minor for the duration of the minor’s attendance at such camp.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your frequently asked questions about Adventure Day Camp.

How do I confirm what weeks my camper is enrolled in?
The email receipt you receive after you complete your registration is the only confirmation you will receive. No further email confirmations will be sent. You will receive an email approximately 1 week prior to your 1st day with final instructions.  Scroll to the bottom to see dates selected as well as shirt size, etc.

Does my child need a medical form?
Every child attending Adventure Day Camp is required to bring a BSA Health and Medical Record, parts A & B to camp with them on the first day.

Very Important! Every camper must bring a completed medical form with them to the first day of camp. DO NOT MAIL THE MEDICAL FORM TO CAMP OR THE MAYFLOWER OFFICE! We are required by the Boy Scouts of America to accept this form only. We CANNOT accept the doctors print out. All immunization dates MUST be completed on the BSA form and signed by a parent/guardian. These forms must be retained by camp, so keep a copy at home for use at other activities. Campers who must take medication while at camp must also have the authorization section of the form completed.

Should my child bring a lunch?
Each child is expected to provide their own lunch. The lunch should be brown bag style. We do not have access to on-site refrigeration; it is strongly recommended not to use any mayonnaise products in your child’s lunch. Please do not bring coolers. Plenty of water will be provided during the day’s activities. Be sure to mark lunch boxes with your camper’s name. There is no lunch to purchase this year.

What should I pack for my child’s week at camp?
All of the equipment needed for the various activities that campers will take part in during the day is provided. Campers will only need to bring a few items with them each morning. Please make sure that all personal items are labeled with your camper’s name and hometown. This makes it much easier to identify lost items. What To Bring /What Not To Bring

What if my child needs medication?
All medication must be turned in to the camp health officer upon arrival at camp. It must be in its original packaging with the original prescription label in tact. Authorization to administer medication must be given by signing the appropriate section of the camp medical form. Medications may only be administered by the camp health officer. Exceptions may be made for asthma inhalers and similar medications at the discretion of the camp health officer. Medicines can be sent with the camper on Monday and picked up by the parent on Friday.

What is the camp’s No-Show/Dismissal policy?
Parents are requested to contact the camp at 978-779-5514 in the event that your camper will not be able to attend camp for one or more days. The camp staff will not release a camper into the custody of any person except the parent or legal guardians whose names appear on the camp medical form without written authorization from the parent or legal guardian. If your camper is getting a ride home from another parent including a volunteer staff member we must receive that request in writing.

What do I do if I need to pick my camper up early from camp?
We ask that you contact the camp at 978-779-5514 in advance by telephone or in writing. This will allow minimal disruption to our program. For the safety of our campers, any early dismissals must be before 3:30pm to minimize the volume of moving vehicles in the parking lot.

Where is the camp located and where can I find directions?
The camp is located at 129 Hudson Road in Bolton, Massachusetts. E. Paul Robsham Scout Reservation is owned and operated by the Mayflower Council.

What if it rains?
We will continue all activities, unless there is severe weather in the area. Make sure your camper has all his or her rain gear in case.

Can I volunteer?
Yes, you must register your camper online and indicate that you are willing to volunteer by May 1st. All volunteers are required to attend a mandatory orientation. Volunteers will be notified of dates and times. The scheduled dates will be the only opportunity to complete the training. Once you complete your volunteer service, your camp fee will be refunded.

My camper has a friend or sibling who isn’t a Scout, can he or she come?
Sign them up! They will just need to register online.

What if I can’t afford camp and can’t volunteer?
Camperships are available, link to application can be found on the “Camperships” Tab.  This is a very important step.  Once approved, we will issue you a coupon code for the value of your campership, but you will need to complete the online registration.

How many campers are in a patrol?
12-15 campers will make up each patrol.

Will my camper receive awards?
Each camper will receive a list of achievements for the week they attend. You will receive a printout with your picture at the end of the week. Scouts should turn these into their leader to receive credit.

If I volunteer can I bring my other children?
No, we do not have accommodations.

Does my camper have to swim if he or she doesn’t know how?
We do encourage all campers to go in the water.  All campers take a swim test on the first day of camp to check their ability.

What if I have special concerns?
It is our goal to make sure each camper has the best experience possible. Please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your needs!

Does the Camp have insurance?
Mayflower Council maintains an insurance policy which covers all campers while at camp. This policy is an excess policy, which means that benefits are paid in excess of the benefits paid by any other insurance which the individual or group may have. To summarize, if your Scout is injured at camp, your personal insurance becomes primary for coverage with the camp insurance picking up any remaining amount. If no other insurance is available, the council’s policy will cover expenses.

What is your camps discrimination policy?
The programs of the Mayflower Council are available to all boys and girls without regard to race, color, religion, disability, or national origin. Any youth member may attend any age appropriate camp conducted within the council.

What if I have other questions that weren’t answered here?
Why wonder…call us! Questions about our camps can be emailed to Lisa or contact the Mayflower Council Service Center, Monday through Friday, between 8:30 am and 4:00 pm 508-872-6551. You can call the camp at any time – voicemails are forwarded to our director and during the camp season please contact the camp directly: 978-779-5514.